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Women's Day: Show Yourself

Hosted by the Gainesville International Christian Church, "Women's Day: Show Yourself" is a virtual event featuring women from all different walks of life sharing their testimonies powerfully to inspire women who are desiring to better their lives as well as their spiritual journey. It premiered on Zoom and was uploaded onto YouTube afterwards. There were musical performances, international speakers, a live Q+A as well as a raffle. This event served to cultivate vulnerability and community amongst women, especially in light of Women’s month in March. I designed promotional content as well as animated design elements for the prerecorded videos of the event.

Event Flyer

Show Yourself Flyer Front.JPG
Show Yourself Flyer Back.jpg

Instagram Posts

I designed a series of 9 images and illustrations to promote the event over Instagram. I used photos of the speakers in the leftmost column with a quote from each of their testimonies. In the center column I illustrated three figures of diverse women and included an empowering scripture along the frame. In the right column, I used pictures of the women who were members of the church that was hosting the event to show the sisterhood and love that the congregation embodies. They were posted in this order on the church's instagram page that I co-curate (@gainesvilleicc).

Animated Video Elements

For the event itself, I animated an introduction in Adobe After Effects and a countdown in Adobe Premiere Pro. In After Effects, I also animated the titles for each testimony and included the scriptures referenced on an illustrated banner.


Above is the digitally illustrated leaf banner that I used to unify theme throughout videos and highlight the scriptures referenced in the testimonies.

Full Event

Click below to view the full compiled Women's Day event uploaded on YouTube!

Women's Day: Show Yourself
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