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Quarantine Kits

As the global pandemic hit in the Spring of 2020, I was greatly challenged in trying to adapt to a new way of life suddenly in the middle of my semester of college. Living life completely from home was proving to be difficult because I was so used to having different resources in different environments. I was taking a Design Thinking course at UF at the time and this sparked the idea for "Quarantine Kits." The concept is that someone would be able to order a home office kit online that had all the essentials for setting up an environment conducive to getting work done from home. I designed one for couples that would be quarantining from one another as well, to be able to create an atmosphere in which they could feel close even from a distance. I researched items that would be most helpful to make these environments at home and compiled them into an info sheet. I also designed a fun ad playful packaging for the kit, to bring some joy and optimism in the midst of a difficult time. 

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